5 Reasons Why Aligned Sleep Transforms Your Well-Being By Assia B.

Sleep is the cornerstone of health, but have you ever considered the impact of your nocturnal posture on your well-being? "The Cozy" by Garnillet is not just any bolster: it's the solution for unifying comfort and posture during your rest hours. Let's explore why correct alignment during sleep is crucial.

Published on 03 nov 2023

Reading time:2 minutes

  1. The Importance of Good Nighttime Posture

Poor sleeping posture can lead to muscle tension, discomfort upon waking, and even long-term spinal disorders. "The Cozy" encourages proper alignment and restorative sleep, helping sleepers avoid the stomach position, often the cause of these issues.

  1. The Downsides of Sleeping on the Stomach

Sleeping on the stomach may seem comfortable, but it often leads to more drawbacks than benefits:

  • Neck and back tension due to excessive head rotation.
  • Pressure on internal organs, affecting digestion and breathing.
  • Increased risk of snoring and sleep apnea due to poor alignment of the airways.
  1. The Benefits of Natural Materials

"The Cozy's" millet hull filling offers you:

  • Adaptable support to avoid pressure on joints and facilitate proper body alignment.
  • Natural thermoregulation for year-round comfort.
  • Natural protection against dust mites for a healthier sleeping environment.
  1. Local Craftsmanship and Sustainability

Choosing "The Cozy" means supporting Belgian craftsmanship, local employment, and responsible production. We commit to using organic materials and sustainable packaging so that your nighttime comfort also contributes to the Earth's well-being.

  1. Garnillet's Commitment: Quality and Satisfaction

We are so confident in the quality of "The Cozy" that we offer you a 30-day trial. If you do not experience a significant improvement in your sleep quality, you can return it free of charge. Furthermore, with payment facilities such as three interest-free payments via Klarna or the use of eco-vouchers, access to quality sleep is made easier for everyone.


Good sleep starts with good posture. "The Cozy" by Garnillet is not just a bed accessory: it's your partner in nighttime well-being. Discover how it can transform your nights and provide you with the serene awakening you deserve.

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